Take a break from the ones you love, so you can love ‘em better.

If you’re here, then you’re probably a Mom. Which means you’re exhaustedYeah? – me too.

The Science of Sabbatical

Being a Mom is awesome.
Who else knows just how velvety-smooth and decadently-sweet your baby’s cheek is at 3:27 in the morning? Delicious, right?

Being a Mom also stinks.
Seriously! No matter the age or stage, poopy diapers & spit up, icky-little-boy socks to teenage B.O. – Momville can be a stinky place to live.

And I bet you need a break.
Honestly, when is the last time you slept through the night? Without nursing a baby, taking a toddler potty, being awakened by a temporarily nocturnal kiddo, or waiting up for your teenager to get home?

It’s time for a Mommy Sabbatical.

Take a break from the ones you love, so you can love them better.
C’mon…you know you need it! The thing you might not know is…you deserve it.

Come away. Rest. Rejuvenate.

Your kids will thank you later.

Mommy Sabbatical, LLC offers a variety of restful, rejuvenating retreats, designed to encourage, educate, & empower women to love the Mommy they are.

SummertimeDreamsIt’s summertime!

And as every mom knows — that means time spent outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, adventuring with the kiddos, not typing on a computer.

Mine will be put away for a good long while. See-ya-later…FB, WordPress, email, Pinterest, Instagram…hasta la vista!

So for all my fellow moms out there –  I raise my lemonade glass to toast your summer:
Here’s hoping it’s glorious!

I’ll be dreaming of white-sand beaches, sea-blue waters, and sunny skies. Ahhh!

What about you? What are your summertime dreams?